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Chupa Chups

All the colours in the world

After a lot of brainstorming and after devouring many many lollipops, Boomerang Agency came up with a whole bunch of colorful scripts to create a series of (moving) images that capture the essence of Chupa Chups. The entire shoot took two full days and was brim-filled with smiles and laughter from the five main characters and the rest of the crew. We went all-out with colourful backdrops, glitter, confetti, huge props, special effects and ... a whopping 5000 lollipops! This is what dreams are made of, right? Take a look at the behind the scenes video we shot that will serve you with a glimpse of the colourful madness that took place:

Agency Boomerang Agency

Client Chupa Chups

Art Direction Yael Weiser / Ayla Spaans

Styling Saskia de Vos

Set Dresser Desiree Brands / Jazz Kuipers

Hair & Make Up House Louis

Post production Martin van Zwol

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