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''Feel It'' Campaign

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When you feel it’s only the beginning of the night When you feel it’s okay to spend a sunny day inside When you feel it will be your turn Sooner… or later.

Feel it, the urge to break away Feel it coming Feel it going

Feel it, the yearning The learning The heart, when it’s burning And when it does… Feel it.

Even when you feel you’re the only one who feels it You’re not. So Feel It.

The campaign was live on more than 50 billboards in Amsterdam during ADE '19

Spinnin Records Campaign Live @ Amsterdam

Spinnin Billboard Dam Square

Behind The Scenes

Spinnin BTS 1

Spinnin BTS 3

Spinnin BTS 2

Client Spinnin' Records

Production Vigics

Director Joost Biesheuvel

D.O.P. Tobias Smeets

Gaffer Simon Reusink

Art Desiree Brands / Jazz Kuipers

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