5G Campaign

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The 5G network puts an end to delays. Moving forward together. A story in which we prove how every second can make a positive difference.

Paralympic tandem cyclist Tristan Bangma sees only 1%. For the new campaign for Vodafone, we created a technological application that allowed Tristan Bangma to hit the road solo for the first time via the 5G network and 8D audio.

Using Vodafone’s 5G, we will allow a visually impaired cyclist, who normally rides tandem, to independently navigate a course. Thanks to the ultimate speed of the new 5G network, Paralympic champion Tristan Bangma can tour the cycling track herself. Every decision must be made in a millisecond.

Behind The Scenes Vodafone 5G campaign behind the scenes

Client Vodafone

Agency Glasnost International

Photography Maurice van der Meijs

Photo Assistant Alex Berger

Talent Tristan Bangma

Make Up FLorence Claire

Post Production Jan Hibma

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