The Notorious I.B.E.

Can You Dig It?!

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The Notorious I.B.E.

IBE speaks the language of hip-hop. At the festival everybody talks the language of hip-hop and it’s not only in the way you talk, it’s in the way you walk, look, bust a move, party and bullshit. IBE is bigger than life because it’s transcends socio-economic conditions, linguistic, racial and geographic and once a year people from all over the world celebrate Hip-Hop together in the way it was meant to be.

A mobile-first social media campaign for an urban arts festival: The Notorious I.B.E. A visual campaign that glorifies dancers from all over the world. Heavily inspired by the movie The Warriors. CAN YOU DIIIGG ITTT?

Client The Notorious I.B.E.

Art Direction Jeena van der Heul

Ph. assistant Timo Blanksma

Animation Remko Scheffer

Hair & Makeup Michela de Simone

1st. Stylist Rachel Feranandes

2nd. Stylist Marie Claire Liem

Post Production Mountain Retouch

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